“Quality is the most important thing for us, which is why we operate based on our own, proven<br /> recipes and a repeatable manufacturing process. As a result, our pads and blocks are products that guarantee a high level of safety and comfort.”

Marek Żak - Founder of the company

Modern technology

By choosing our company's products, you focus on safety and the highest quality of every detail. Car brakes must be durable, strong, and reliable. In everyday functioning, we use appropriate quality procedures, and each of the products is tested in highly specialized conditions with the safety of users in mind. We operate by the regulations governing environmental protection, and we also reuse materials to produce new brake system components. The quality of our products is determined by reliable operation, quiet operation while driving, and durability in all conditions.

Our certificates

Our products are characterized by a high level of safety, durability, and reliability, which is confirmed by the certificates awarded to Lumag and the standards that each of our products, brake pads, linings, and discs meet. Thanks to precision, diligence, and modern production methods, we can deliver the best to our customers every day.

Certyfikat IATF 16949:2016

Research and development

We conduct research and development activities (R&D), which allows us to offer our customers safe and modern products of high quality. We are constantly looking for new solutions and innovative methods and we adapt our products to the growing expectations of the market. We want to meet even the most demanding customers. Our laboratory is where we improve our brake pads step by step, carrying out specialized tests and research. The commitment and experience of our team of engineers mean that we can undertake even the most difficult projects and successfully develop and then implement the highest-quality friction materials for mass production.


We work with the best in their field. As a Polish manufacturer, we proudly represent the company in the international arena. We cooperate with TUV and many research units. We are also a member of the Federation of the Friction Pad Industry (VRI) and the European Friction Material Manufacturers Association (FEMFM). We believe that we can still discover a lot with the support of innovative organizations and industry leaders.

  • Collaboration with VRI

    Since 1998, we have been a member of the Federation of the Friction Pads Industry (VRI), which is the owner of the universal and widely used numbering of brake parts in the automotive industry, the so-called WVA numbers. Only VRI full members or licensees may use this special numbering. Thanks to this, our interests can be supported, and the recipes and technologies used – are protected against potential theft.

  • Collaboration with

    We are members of the European Association of Friction Manufacturers. Its main mission is to strive to introduce modern, environmentally friendly solutions and to withdraw asbestos and reduce antimony and copper in recipes. As part of FEMFM, LUMAG cooperates with leading concerns from the brake industry, e.g. with TMD Friction, Honeywell Bremsbelag, ITT Automotive Europe, Raybestos, Federal-Mogul, and Roulunds. Cooperation with the leaders of friction materials is aimed at, among others: establishing relationships in the field of technology and adapting standards at the international level to ensure high-quality friction materials. It also means raising production standards, environmental protection, and caring for the working conditions of people employed in the industry.

  • Cooperation with TÜV and other research units

    For many years, we have been dynamically cooperating with research units in Poland and Europe, such as: TÜV Nord Essen, TÜV SÜD Czech from Prague, Applus+ IDIADA from Spain, Industrial Automotive Institute, and Military Institute of Armor and Automotive Technology. Thanks to your cooperation, we can test the operation of our brake linings and pads in all conditions. For this, we use the technology available in laboratories. We also carry out road tests in ordinary and extreme road conditions.

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