For many years we have been providing products and services of the highest quality to our customers. We have expanded our offer with Lumag IPS (Individual Production Service). Discover an innovative, independent technology system that enables the mass production of shims, piston clips, and backing plates, the quality, and precision of which will surprise you in every detail.

Shims and piston clips

Shim is one of the critical elements of the construction of the brake pad. Not only is it responsible for damping vibrations and preventing squeaks, but it also acts as a thermal insulator. Thanks to this, it provides an additional barrier against excessive heating of the caliper and brake fluid. The piston clip is used as a spring caliper, connecting the brake pad to the piston and keeping the brake pad in the correct position. Now both our products are created thanks to one innovative machine!

  • World-class quality
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Experience

Backing plates

The backing plates are the friction material's structural and mounting basis, allowing the brake pad to work freely. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, we meet the requirements necessary to obtain the perfect level of production of backing plates, including all OE requirements. We produce the highest quality parts that are suitable for quick assembly.

  • European market leader

    We are the first supplier of friction materials in Europe to produce backing plates in fine blanking technology. We have our production line for punching and stamping load-bearing plates from the Swiss manufacturer Feintool, thanks to which we are independent of external suppliers and can enrich our offer with well-made final products.

  • Highest quality

    We value working with modern technology and innovative solutions, which is why our products meet the required criteria and are characterized by extraordinary accuracy. The load-bearing plates manufactured by us, e.g., are free of cracks, and their surface is perfectly smooth and flat. This is all thanks to the Feintool technology used by Lumag, which also allows us to produce parts immediately ready for assembly.

  • Production precision

    We use a delicate blanking process that combines three forces to mass-produce the highestquality products. Fineblanking differs from other punching processes by high precision and perfect finish of each element. Intelligent tool concepts are the basis for successful projects. The Feintool system is the basis for an integrated approach that builds awareness of interdependence in the production process. This allows you to use your resources and raw materials fully.


We are a Polish manufacturer of brake pads and linings. Our company is constantly evolving. We try to adapt to the requirements of the dynamically changing automotive market and provide customers with the highest quality products. Modern braking systems, changes in the design of transmissions, and more gear stages or hybrid drives require non-standard parts. We support the development of the industry, shaping our offer so that it meets specific needs, sometimes very specific. We are not afraid of challenges. We are open to cooperation and new, innovative projects. Our domain is high quality and precision of even the most minor elements.

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Our certificates

A high level of safety, durability, and reliability characterizes our products. This is confirmed by the certificates and standards granted to Lumag. Each of our products meets them, from brake pads to linings and discs. Thanks to the precision of craft, high-quality materials, and modern production methods, we can provide our customers with reliable products daily!

Certyfikat IATF 16949:2016
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