Brake pads, discs, and linings

We have the most modern friction materials factory in Central and Eastern Europe. We are constantly improving our products. Innovative facilities and unconventional technological solutions allow us to meet customers’ constantly growing needs and the restrictive requirements of the market. Discover our brake pads, discs, and linings that ensure safe and precise braking in all conditions.

Brake pads

Trust Lumag brake pads that satisfy with braking performance and 30% higher performance compared to ordinary, uncoated pads. Thanks to the use of Green Coat coating in the production process, we eliminate the phenomenon of green fade during running-in, which makes the braking efficiency of newly installed pads much higher. All Lumag brake pads meet the required approvals and the ECE R90 standard, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety of use. From the first time you use the brake, you may notice a higher coefficient of friction. Investment in excellent, precisely refined products is the key to safe and comfortable driving in all conditions.

Brake discs

Discover the flagship products of the Breck brand - brake discs adapted to cars of the higher class. Car pads and discs with high safety and high-carbon systems guarantee safety, comfort, and precise braking, even in extreme conditions. To make your journeys safe and your braking reliable, your car should be equipped with this kit. The highest level of safety of Breck brake discs is ensured by an innovatively developed generation of ceramic friction materials of improved quality and the GEOMET anti-corrosion coating covering the entire surface of the product. The product is resistant to deformation, thanks to the use of a high-carbon material in the discs, which guarantees better thermal conductivity and reduces the heating of the brake disc raceway. When you opt for Breck brake discs, you will experience a new, better dimension of comfort. Our discs ensure quieter operation of the braking system during the journey. Bet on an excellent product, innovative technology, and many years of experience!

Brake linings

Reliability, innovation, and efficiency in all conditions - this is what Lumag brake linings are characterized by. Improve your driving comfort without worrying about the type of road surface traversed or the current weather conditions. Lumag brake linings are one of the flagship products of our company. The material from which they are made provides a longer service life than competitive substitutes available on the market. By choosing our brake linings, you focus on safety, comfort, and durability!

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Our certificates

Our products are characterized by high safety, durability, and reliability, confirmed by the certificates granted to Lumag and the standards that each of our products, brake pads, linings, and discs meets. We can provide our customers with the best daily thanks to precision, diligence, and modern production methods.

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