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We invest, change and constantly verify the processes inside the company. We want the products we offer to be even better, which is why we try to maximally improve the procedures related to their production, guided by the principles of Lean Manufacturing. In implementing the strategy and meeting our client’s expectations, we are helped by a balanced scorecard and advanced control. Check how we work to achieve the best results.

    Benefits of using a balanced scorecard in your business

    Thanks to The Balanced Scorecard, we can effectively implement strategic elements and undertake important operational activities that increase effectiveness and optimize strategic management. The use of BSC in everyday work is associated with many benefits, e.g.: - helps us define goals more efficiently and precisely - facilitates the understanding of the company's mission at all levels of the organization - supports the cooperation of individual departments of the company - distributes tasks and describes them precisely while considering measurable implementation indicators.

    Lean Manufacturing is an innovative method to improve our processes

    Every day we strive to be even better in our industry. Lean Manufacturing makes structuring the processes necessary to achieve this goal much more accessible. We focus on creating added value by eliminating what is unnecessary in the production process. Lean Manufacturing also manifests itself in our company by following the principles of Jidoka - built-in quality or drawing on Kaizen knowledge. This helps us to improve step by step. We also operate by the 5S principle, i.e., five steps to properly organize the work environment, improve organizational culture and increase process stability.

Other tools that help us raise the standards of our products, operations and collaborations include:

  • visual management
  • optimal maintenance (TPM)
  • shortening the changeover time of the machine (SMED)
  • using problem-solving methods such as 8D and 5Why
  • striving for standardization of work
  • using the Poka-Yoke error prevention system

The company and its customers benefit from organizing activities and individual procedures. Thanks to Lean Manufacturing, we can constantly improve the quality of our products and shorten the lead time, thus responding faster, better, and more effectively to the needs of our customers. Optimization of resources and focus on maximum utilization of production capacity positively affects the reduction of machine failures, which in the long run provides us with an advantage in the market. Although improvement is an endless path, we decided to take on this challenge to meet the innermost requirements of our customers.

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