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Since the company’s beginning, we have been sticking to several principles that allowed us to achieve our current position. Thanks to them, we manage to make the best business decisions. We focus our attention primarily on the good of the company and the prospects for its development. We are a company with a long history and a modern approach to doing business. We have decades of experience behind us. It is a time full of challenges and drawing conclusions. We learned a lot during this period. We already know, for example, how to formulate goals to translate into the implementation of the mission, which is to provide the highest quality products for our customers.


We want to provide users of cars and trucks with high-quality products that guarantee comfortable and effective braking. We care about the safety of all road users. We strive to ensure that our brake pads meet the highest standards and norms.


We intend to take a strong position in the spare parts market in the brake linings and pads segment. We want LUMAG and BRECK to be available in all European markets and the term "safety" to be directly associated with the names of our brands and products.


By setting the main goals, we are getting closer to success every day. We want to develop and improve processes and production methods constantly, we also intend to invest in new technologies. We are looking for innovative ways to extract product potential and expand it. The main actions we take in this area include the following:

  • collecting feedback from customers and meeting their expectations
  • striving to optimize production and increase its efficiency
  • increase efficiency of production
  • pro-ecological action and responsible waste management
  • continuous development and improvement of competencies and qualifications of employees
  • using the Integrated Management System and Lead Manufacturing in the company

Download our code of ethics to learn about the principles that guide us daily in our company and with which we want to continue our journey to the top.

Download the code of ethics
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