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Advanced technology can change the face of the world and transform ordinary driving into an exciting experience. Get to know the highest quality products meticulously developed by the author's research and development department. Our specialists take care of every, even the smallest, detail to provide you with the highest comfort and safety. Thanks to modern technological lines, automated processes, and innovative solutions, our brake pads, discs, and linings enjoy great success in Polish and foreign markets.

Marek Żak


You still have time. Tomorrow someone else will be better than you are. Every company is as good as its employees.

What makes us different?

  • Friction materials are a passion, not a purely business approach. We have completed many demanding projects, unique on a global scale.
  • We cannot afford to compromise on the quality of our products – we use industry standards according to ISO/TS 16949.
  • The location in the center of Europe at the intersection of important communication routes gives us a logistical advantage.
  • 79% of our production goes to the European Union, i.e., to more than 0.5 billion people.
  • We have built a modern factory with a usable area of 19,000 m2, in which we implement the principles of Lean Manufacturing.
  • We can produce 14,000 tons of friction mixture during the year in an automated, innovative, global-scale mixing plant.

Explore our company

  • Quality

    We strive to improve our production plant's quality and safety standards constantly. Quality is superior, so we focus on experience, specialist knowledge, proven practices, and a repeatable manufacturing process. Thanks to this, our customers can count on top-shelf brake linings and pads, guaranteeing safety and comfort. The changes introduced in our production plant ensure the highest product standard. The modern factory, equipped with an automatic mixing plant for producing friction materials and innovative, advanced technological lines, translates into an efficient course of product manufacturing and order fulfillment.

  • Innovation

    We strive to develop and improve our infrastructure constantly. We strive to ensure the satisfaction of even the most demanding customers by offering the highest quality products. We follow engineering solutions available on the market, invest in new technologies, and optimize processes. All this to make the most of knowledge and resources. Thanks to the systematic monitoring of our customer’s satisfaction, we can meet their expectations, meeting even the most demanding requirements regarding product quality and service standards. For us, innovation is an inseparable element of success and building a competitive advantage.

  • Safety

    We act prudently and by the standards of sustainable development. When making business decisions, we try to keep the good of our planet in mind. We prevent non-compliance at all stages of the manufacturing process and take steps to eliminate its possible harmful impact on the environment. We want the production of our products to be entirely safe and meet the highest standards. Pro-environmental awareness is critical, so we care about the competencies and raising the qualifications of our employees in the field of environmental protection and respect for the interests of the local community. We conduct safe waste management, minimize adverse effects on the ecosystem and constantly improve the Integrated Management System to meet all the most critical climate requirements.

  • Experience

    We have been on the market since 1988. We focus on producing friction linings, brake pads, and other products to ensure the highest driving comfort and safety of our customers' vehicles. During this time, we have taken on many challenges and demanding orders not only on the Polish market but also abroad. Continuous improvement, factory modernization, and the search for unconventional solutions are manifested in the 30 years of experience we have gathered and thousands of customers who have trusted our solutions.

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