We have fourteen „long distance runners”

20th anniversary of work is not only a good opportunity for wishes, but it is also a great summary of company previous activity and the time for announcements of new challenges and planned investments. The participants of jubilee and the rest of administration and production workers heard about such plans on 16 December 2015 during a meeting of the jubilee.
From the hands of CEO – Marek Żak- flowed a great thanks for the large impact on the company development and the next „long distance runners” who opened the second Top Ten received the gifts for this occasion. Workers such as: Slawomir Grabarczyk (automation service supervisor), Tomasz Makiej (Foreman), Andrzej Jaremba (grinder) and Zdzislaw Konys (grinder-packer).
With the big applause rest of the workers joined to further wishes of personal and professional success.
Over the last 27 years of company development besides new products, customers and markets, are primarily people who work here. We value their expertise resulting from many years of work and we thank them for sharing this knowledge with younger colleagues.
We look forward to the next anniversaries.