Lumag is not only the brake pads! We also offer accessories.

In our offer, there are not only high-quality brake pads. Our company produces brake pads fitting kits, as well. They are made at our another location at Osiedle Cechowe in Budzyń.

After typing “Lumag” in the satnav, probably the first destination point will be the registered office of the company at Rogozińska street in Budzyń. It is correct but not the only address of the brake pads manufacturer from Greater Poland region. Its other location is Osiedle Cechowe where brake pad accessories are manufactured.

At our second location, which has undergone a metamorphosis lately, takes place the production of steel components for brake pads – says Łukasz Żak, Marketing Manager at Lumag. I mean components such as backing plates, shims as well as other mounting accessories – he adds.

Lumag factory at Osiedle Cechowe has a functional space of the floor area of 8 000 square meters. Apart from the production department, it also houses engineers’ offices, the tool shop and the construction department.

Currently, for the production, available are two Finetool lines and high speed stamping press Bruderer with packing unit. – says Grzegorz Żak, Head of production metal parts of Lumag

This sort of technical infrastructure enables the self-sufficient production of the accessories for brake pads. A press with the peripheral equipment allows us to trim plates of fineblanking quality and larger mounting accessories. In turn, the Bruderer fast stamping line is burdened with the production of shims and piston clips. These components are subsequently sent to the factory at Rogozińska street, where they become a part of the brake pads.

So-called shims deserve special attention.

They are anti-squeal anti vibration, harshness rubber metal sheets, invisible at the first glance, which with no doubt are one of the key components of the brake pads. Most of all, they provide vibration dampening and noise reduction. Mounted on the brake pads, they also provide thermal insulation, protecting the brake fluid and the callipers from overheating. During the everyday drive, shims reduce generated noise as well as improve the efficiency of the braking process – explains Łukasz Żak.

At Lumag, we consistently expand our portfolio of the manufactured products. Our strategic decision on investment in the so-called “stamping operation” first and foremost allowed the company to secure our customers’ interests against problems with the supply of the aforementioned components. Consequently, it diversified our core business, as all of the steel components manufactured by Lumag are offered to other producers of friction materials.

Production automation is also an important matter. Because the processes are set up in uninterrupted process lines, one operator can handle two lines that are under the control of the SPC system.

This offer was created to fulfil not only our needs but also the needs of other producers of friction materials we co-operate with. The fact that we strive to fully utilise our production capacity so that the cost per product is as low as possible is an additional incentive to work with us – says Łukasz Żak.

Lumag goes green!

Both Lumag sites had a total of 4161 PV(Photo Voltaic) solar panels installed over several months. It is certain now, Lumag is coming to the green side of power!

Violent weather phenomena, the global air temperature rise, and accelerating climate change. These are the unfortunate consequences of operating traditional energy sources, among others. Lumag wants to join the fight for the environment and that is why Lumag is coming to the green side of power by investing in PV power plants.

During the last few months, a CAPEX investment was set aside to build a PV farm, which now comprises 4161 PV panels installed at the two sites belonging to the company. The production building in Rogozińska Street in Budzyń had a PV installation built with 4000 panels! The installed power is 1.24 megawatts. This configuration can generate 1,100,000 kilowatt-hours per year. The remaining 161 PV panels were installed on the corporate headquarters building in the housing project of Osiedle Cechowe. The other PV plant can generate approximately 50,000 kWh of green energy a year.

More importantly, the current PV installation is not where Lumag will stop its green power CAPEX projects. More PV panels will be deployed soon on a green-field site owned by the company. The finished PV plant will have 10,700 PV panels to generate 3,890 MWh a year with a total power of 3.89 MWp. These projects are undoubtedly beneficial to the environment. The energy volume purchased from the grid will be largely reduced. A negative correlation between electricity prices and the cost of finished product manufacture is expected within a long-term horizon.