Lumag goes green!

Both Lumag sites had a total of 4161 PV(Photo Voltaic) solar panels installed over several months. It is certain now, Lumag is coming to the green side of power!

Violent weather phenomena, the global air temperature rise, and accelerating climate change. These are the unfortunate consequences of operating traditional energy sources, among others. Lumag wants to join the fight for the environment and that is why Lumag is coming to the green side of power by investing in PV power plants.

During the last few months, a CAPEX investment was set aside to build a PV farm, which now comprises 4161 PV panels installed at the two sites belonging to the company. The production building in Rogozińska Street in Budzyń had a PV installation built with 4000 panels! The installed power is 1.24 megawatts. This configuration can generate 1,100,000 kilowatt-hours per year. The remaining 161 PV panels were installed on the corporate headquarters building in the housing project of Osiedle Cechowe. The other PV plant can generate approximately 50,000 kWh of green energy a year.

More importantly, the current PV installation is not where Lumag will stop its green power CAPEX projects. More PV panels will be deployed soon on a green-field site owned by the company. The finished PV plant will have 10,700 PV panels to generate 3,890 MWh a year with a total power of 3.89 MWp. These projects are undoubtedly beneficial to the environment. The energy volume purchased from the grid will be largely reduced. A negative correlation between electricity prices and the cost of finished product manufacture is expected within a long-term horizon.