Project at the finish

At the end of January LUMAG company has completed the installation of technological line for adhesive application, purchased as part of a wider project implemented under “Innovative Economy Operational Program”, Activity 4.4. It is an extremely precise machine,
which guarantees a full monitoring of the adhesive coating thickness during the process of covering the surface of the backing plate with an adhesive layer bonding it with the friction material.
The line is equipped with the automatic stations measuring the thickness of the adhesive, with the separation system of defect products, providing 100% relative control over the thickness of the adhesive layer. It is the first such machine in the world with such a high accuracy.
The adhesive application line is connected in one process line to the sand-blasting unit.

The installation of both machines completes the investment project of € 5 million, lasting for over one and a half year, for which the company acquired 40% support from EU funds.
Within this project LUMAG purchased the technological lines which carry out the entire production process of CV brake pad production such as:
– powder painting machine (June 2014)
– grinding machine (June 2014)
– IAG linear pressing center with pressing tools (12 sets) – (December 2014)
– IAG continuous oven linked with linear pressing machine (December 2014)
– Adhesive application line connected to the sand-blasting unit (January 2015)
– Shear strength testing unit for friction materials (R&D unit)

As a result of the investment, the company’s capacity in terms of CV pads increased by approx. 50%.
The immediate effect of the project “Increasing competitiveness by launching innovative brake pads in the global market” will be launching an innovative, improved product in the form of a new type of brake pad, which will constitute a competitive solution across the industry.

technological line for adhesive application
In the picture: Adhesive application line connected to the sand-blasting unit


monitoring of the adhesive coating thickness