Our values

Mission statement

Our mission is to supply car users with high-quality products ensuring safe braking, and by that, to improve the safety of all road users.
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Our strategy is focused on the achievement of a strong position in the aftermarket of brake pads and linings. We plan to launch our BRECK and LUMAG brands in all European markets.


The main objectives of our operations include:

  • Continuous development and improvement of infrastructure and investment in new technologies
  • Constant analysis and monitoring of customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations in advance
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness through the optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Monitoring of all stages of the manufacturing process, enabling the manufacture of safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly products
  • Running safe and supervised waste management and minimizing the negative impact on the environment, including noise and pollution reduction
  • Optimizing financial performance of the company
  • Continuous development of skills and competencies of our employees as well as raising their quality and environmental awareness
  • Running business in line with the requirements of environmental protection and respecting the interests of the local community
  • Maintaining and continuously improving our Integrated Management System

Code of Conduct