Invitation to bid


Project co-financed by the structural funds – ERDF – ROP
for Wielkopolska for 2014-2020

Invitation to bid / release date 03/11/2016

Regarding the investment plans of LUMAG you are kindly requested to present an offer for:

Multi-pace progressive tools for production of anti-noise shims


I. Description
The tools are dedicated to production of anti-noise shims damping high frequency sounds, which are permanently mounted on the outer surface of the brake pad.

CODE CPV: 42635000 – Forging eqipment

II. Details
1. Elements are manufactured from multi-layer band on a coil –
rubber NBR/ cold rolled steel / rubber NBR/acrylic glue / protective paper
thickness 0,6- 1,2 mm
2. Elements are cut out and dimensionally shaped in measurement ranges:

OX- 40-210 mm
OY – 30- 80 mm
OZ – 0,5- 5 mm

With: openings, flange overpressings, edge bendings.

III. Requirements

1. Tools are dedicated to a cooperation with a high-speed press with a controlled stroke, all operations of the flat and dimensional shaping of a detail are conducted in one working space of the press.
2. The offer should include the production of the tools and the technical documentation.
3. Output on the tool mimimum – 150 pcs./min
4. Quantity – 47 tool sets (drawings of the details available on request).
Contracting authority accepts partial delivery.
– 1st partial delivery – 35 flat parts
– 2nd partial delivery – 12 spatially shaped parts
5. The tool contains monitoring sensors of the correctness of tool, cooperating with the press.
6. Prior to delivery of each progressive tool a tool trial run should be performed over 150 pcs /a min. during 1 hour of uninterruptable run with accordance to specified part quality.

In case you need more technical details please contact:
– via e-mail:
– via telephone:
601 989 788 Marek Paszkiel – production manager

IV. Participation requirements

1. Offers should be placed until the date: 08.12.2016 16:00 local time
2. Ways to place offers :
– via e-mail to:
– in writing to :
Lumag sp. z o.o.
Ul. Rogozińska 72
64-610 Budzyń
Marek Paszkiel
3. Each partial delivery from point 3.4 should be quoted separately
4. Submission of partial bids accepted by the contracting authority for the partial delivery from point 3.4.

V. Offers assessment measures :

1. used technology: 60%,
2. delivery time: 30%,
3. price: 10%,

Concerning assessment of the „used technology”

1. Meeting the requirements – the tool contains functionalities enabling the meeting of the above mentioned requirements (40%)
2. Innovation and modernity of the built-in technologies – the construction of the tool includes components and systems conform with the lastest state of the art. (20%)

Concerning assessment of the „delivery time“:

1. Delivery in 10 months from order date – 30 %
2. Delivery in 12 months from order date – 20 %
3. Delivery in 14 months from order date – 10 %

Concerning assessment of the „price”:

1. Lowest price 10%
2. Remaining 0 %

VI. Changes of the contract

Changes of the contract are unacceptable.

VII. How to prepare the offer:

1. Offer should be signed and contain the information about the contact person.
2. Offer should contain a validity date.
3. Offer should contain an attachement with a reference list.
4. Offer should contain a description of the construction and material solutions.
5. Offer should contain a descripoition of the offerer experience in multi-pace tools manufacturing.

VIII. Exclusions

In order to avoid any conflict of interests entities or persons associated presonally or capitally with the ordering party are exluded from the procedurę. Capital or personal associations mean mutual relations between ordering parties or persons authorised to incur obligations for the ordering party or persons performing actions fort he ordering party connected with preparing and conducting the selection procedure, consisting especially in
a) Participation in the company as a partner in a civil law partnership or a partnership
b) Holding at lest 10% oft he shares
c) Acting as a supervisory authority or management authority member, as a proxy or plenipotentiary,
d) Being married, remaining in kinship or affinity in a straight line or collaterally in the second degree, remaining in adoptive, custody or guardian relationship.