Investment in testing equipment

In May this year the Research and Development Department of LUMAG received and commissioned yet another testing device. This time the investment consisted of a dynamometric testing station with an NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) testing feature. It is the first testing equipment of this class operating in Poland.
Undoubtedly, road tests are the most reliable tests of motor vehicles. However, numerous difficulties, such as with ensuring repeatable weather conditions, seriously limit their usefulness. For this reason in recent years attempts to replace road test with laboratory tests, performed on special test stations, have been made more and more often.
It turns out that simulating real-life operating conditions of brakes in laboratory conditions, ensuring accurate and realistic results, is actually possible. However, the performance of such tests requires appropriate technical capabilities, which entails significant investment. The total sum invested by LUMAG in this new, fully-equipped dynamometer, was EUR 0.9m.
The device is designed for testing braking systems in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This purchase will facilitate the completion of our new project aimed at extending our product range by BRECK brake pads dedicated to demanding premium-class vehicles.

Investment in testing equipment Investment in testing equipment