GROUPAUTO (G-Truck) UK approved

LUMAG has been a supplier of friction materials to the GAU in many European countries for some time now, after extensive negotiation we are pleased to announce that on  the 1st  July 2012 we became an approved supplier for GROUPAUTO (G-Truck trading group) in the UK.
Currently Lumag have a wide range of pads and linings in their production programme, covering almost all customer demands, this range continues to grow.
To speed up supply , Lumag have invested in a permanent base in Tipton, West Midlands, holding significant quantities of  brake pad and linings for the whole of the UK.
With this broad portfolio, allied to the product quality and improved availability,  Lumag are confident that G-Truck members will be impressed with what they have to offer .
For more information on our products, stock and T&C please contact our Sale Representatives or alternatively contact directly on 0121 520 1160 or email: