Lumag as Santa Claus

Year in year out Lumag company has took part in a traditional Christmas-Eve dinner prepared by children from orphanage from Szamocin. After the performance prepared by children, sharing of wafer and consumption of delicious dishes the most important moment of giving presents has come.
Never-ending gladness and true smile on the children’s faces were the bigger thanks
for the presents prepared by Lumag company.
Already for several years Lumag has supported the orphanage in Szamocin.

We have further „long distance runners”

20th anniversary of work is not only a good opportunity for wishes, but it is also a great summary of company previous activity and the time for announcements of new challenges and planned investments. The participants of jubilee and the rest of administration and production workers heard about such plans on 19th December 2016 during a meeting of the jubilee.

From the hands of CEO – Marek Żak- flowed a great thanks for the large impact on the company development for the next „long distance runners” , such as: Wiktor Machnik (truck driver), Michał Nowicki (shift production manager), Janusz Marciniak (IR manager), Janusz Wawrzyniak (grinder)
and Tomasz Orłowski (R&D manager – PC sector).
With a big applause rest of the workers joined to further wishes of personal and professional success.

Over the last 28 years of company development besides new products, customers and markets,
are primarily people who work here. We value their expertise resulting from many years of work and we thank them for sharing this knowledge with younger colleagues.
We look forward to the next anniversaries.

Supplier Selection Announcement

In connection with quotation proceedings in a competitive mode regarding purchase the Multi-pace progressive tools for production of anti-noise Shims related to a project „Strengthen the competitiveness of Lumag Sp. z o. o. by introducing product, process and non-technological innovations relating to expand the assortment of offered products in new brake pads for passenger cars” we announce that the offers were submitted by following parties:

– C.B. di Bresciani Cicolari & C s.n.c
– Accornero
– MITEC di Viviani Maurizio e C. s.a.s.
– Schäfer GmbH Werkzeug und Sondermaschinenbau
On the basis of criteria posted in the Request for quotation we have chosen the offers submitted by:

– C.B. di Bresciani Cicolari & C s.n.c (1st partial delivery – 35 flat parts)
– Schäfer GmbH Werkzeug und Sondermaschinenbau (2nd partial delivery – 12 spatially shaped parts)

BRECK pads in rally cars

For the last few months we have been testing new BRECK products designed for rally cars on gravel roads in the Masurian wilderness and in the Research and Development Department of Lumag. As a part of the project, the know-how collected by our brand experts throughout over 13 years of development and production of brake pads for passenger cars and light vehicles was combined with the unique experience of Krzysztof Hołowczyc gained during hundreds of completed rallies. The exact completion date for the project and for launching new brake pads has not been determined yet.

Hołek i Breck

New pads in BRECK offer

We are pleased to inform you that the BRECK pad’s offer was extended by 5 items.

More details are under the below link: new Breck references part 12

We recommend to use BRECK brake pads also for the above applications.
Soon you will be informed about the further newly introduced items.