The Top Ten of „long distance runners”

Each contribution in the company’s development is noticeable and appreciated by LUMAG, and certainly the one whose story is recorded in 20 years of work. Another three people joined the group of seven “20-year-olds”: Maria Siwiak (accountant), Romuald Rozwadowski (head of quality) and Tomasz Kowalski (fitter). On 22nd September from the hands of CEO – Marek Zak they heard thanks for 20 year work and received gifts. All staff from production and administration joined the wishes.

The company’s development over 26 years, this is not only new products, customers and markets. Speaking about the company we think about the people who work here. In many situations, their competencies, which are the result of long-term collection of knowledge and experience are irreplaceable and especially helpful for the employees with less seniority. This diversity gives tangible benefits of merging of different experiences and knowledge.

We want to thank them again for their contribution to the development of the company and wish them personal and professional success.

LUMAG’s new car fleet

In September LUMAG exchanged a car fleet of its company vehicles for the new cars. This time the choice fell on the sports brand of the BMW X3 and X1. The formal handover of vehicles took place in the presence of representatives of BMW Dealer Smorawinski, in persons of Mr. Wojciech Smorawinski, Tomasz Smorawinski and Radoslaw Rynarzewski.
On 8th September, Mr. Wojciech Smorawiński and CEO of LUMAG Marek Zak handed over the keys to new cars to company’s employees.
The BMW brand is not a random choice. LUMAG plans to expand Breck’s offer on brake pads for „Premium” cars next year.
Lumag - BMW