Lumag active in the Southern Europe

As a part of a campaign which promotes Breck and Lumag brands on the selected markets of the Southern Europe, Lumag company participated in two important shows.
On 7th of June Lumag presented its products at the 5th Inter Cars Croatia Exhibition in Zagreb (5. INTER CARS SAJAM). The fair took place in the biggest sports hall Croatia – Arena Zagreb. The exhibitors and the visitors had access to the exhibition space of 5531 square meters and more than 3000 square meters of outside space where 250 players participated in the carting competitions. 58 exhibitors presented their offers during this show which was visited by about 2,500 invited guests.
A little later, on 14-15th of June the automotive customers, mechanics and specialists from all over Romania and Bulgaria could see the Lumag’s offer during „IC Expo Brasov 2014“. The show was organized for the fourth time. During this year’s event Lumag was one of the sponsors of many attractions i.a. trainings and knowledge competitions.
For the second time, Lumag took part in both events to strengthen the position of its brands on the markets of the Southern Europe.


Journalists and mechanics visited our factory

On 11th of June, Lumag invited automotive journalists and mechanics to visit its newly built factory. The event was associated with the ongoing campaign “I assembly the Polish spare parts”
The campaign aims to break stereotypes, according to which – what is Polish is worse than of Western origin” – while building a positive image of Polish industry manufacturers and their products.
The journalists and the winners of the contest “Let’s visit with us a new Lumag factory”, which was directed to the owners of workshops and service advisers, began a visit from the dinner with representatives of Lumag at the Habenda Hotel in Budzyn, where the guests had the opportunity to freely ask questions and lead the discussions.
The next day, the guests went to the factory, which is located a few kilometres away. After the press conference on the company and the campaign “I assembly the Polish spare parts” the representatives of Lumag invited their guests to visit the factory.
At the production, the guests could follow the whole process of manufacturing the brake pads. The factory workers explained all the technical details and answered the questions to the journalists and representatives of workshops. Another attraction was a visit at the Research and Development department which is located in the old plant. Here the guests had a possibility of getting the knowledge on the development of friction materials and tests performed on the brake systems.
During the press conference, the CEO of Lumag – Marek Zak, assured that one of the biggest advantages of LUMAG and BRECK brands is that all the products are manufactured in the same factory. “We’ve never ever purchased any products from other manufacturers in order to sell them in our boxes”. Nowadays, this is unprecedented in Europe and because of that the Polish brands are among the Premium products.
Report from the visit


Lumag increases its capacity

As a part of the implementation of the second phase of the investments, which cost is estimated at PLN 35 m. (EUR 8.5 m.) Lumag company launched the first production lines.
This week, a company started a production on a new grinding line, combined in one process with the powder painting line.
These machines double increase the capacity in processing of the brake pads, both for passenger cars and trucks, what in the current situation of raised demand for products manufactured by Lumag, significantly improve their availability on the market and will attract new customers.
At the equal-time, a company installed a new machine for pad marking with tampon printing method, which will increase the capacity in scope of performing this operation, but also will have a positive impact on the visual aspects of the product.Lumag