Certification to ISO/TS 16949

Lumag is proud to announce that the certification audit for a compliance with ISO/TS 16949 ended positively. The audit was conducted by an accredited certification body approved by the IATF.
The process of certification consisted of two phases and covered all the processes in the company.
During the audit, the degree of customer requirement fulfilment was rated with special care. The auditors confirmed that Lumag has had the supervision process of such requirements and the customer-specific requirements have been effectively implemented. The company is a reliable partner for the existing and future customers.
Lumag is well-prepared to manufacture the products of high quality standards. The company meets the requirements of customers from the automotive industry.
The certification to ISO/TS 19949 is the further step towards providing a better support to the customers from the automotive sector. Nonetheless, we continuously develop our most important values saved in the “Quality Policy” and still continue to build the company on the foundation of quality.

As a company aware of the impact on the local and global environment, we want to operate with a reduction of such influence. In order to protect the environment, once again Lumag has been assessed in relation to compliance with the requirements defined in ISO 14001 that we have certified since 2005.
For us, a safety of our employees and guests such as the protection of health and life is the superior value. Therefore, our activities are directed towards creating a safe and healthy working conditions. The effectiveness of these measures was confirmed during the certification audit for a compliance with PN-N-18001.
The audit took place on 14-16.04.2014 and as a result Lumag is certificated to the requirements of ISO 14001 and PN -N -18001.