Brake discs in the BRECK range

We are pleased to announce that at the beginning of this year LUMAG introduced brake discs under the BRECK brand dedicated to passenger vehicles to its product range. We have extended our brake products range by discs, which are a complementary product, in response to market demand.
Considering the fact that during replacement of brake pads or brake discs the optimal solution is to select components from a single supplier, all newly-launched discs are a perfect match for BRECK brake pads. It is in this specific combination that they achieve the best performance, as indicated by numerous tests of BRECK pads and discs performed by LUMAG.
It is also worth stressing that all the discs we are offering are coated with a special protective layer, which saves the end user time and effort of painstaking cleaning and degreasing, which is still necessary in the case of traditional discs.
The BRECK disc range covers the most popular car brands in Poland and in other European countries and will be successively extended with time.
BRECK brake discs will be available soon from leading Polish and foreign spare parts distributors.