Supplier Selection Announcement

In connection with RFQ procedure dated 28.07.2017, in a competitive mode regarding the purchase of the production line for cleaning, deburring, transporting and drying of backing plates related to a project realized within the framework of Smart Growth Operational Programme, Measure 3.2: Support for implementation of results of R&D works, Sub-measure 3.2.1 “Research for the market”, we announce that the offer was submitted by following parties: - RÖSLER Oberflächentechnik GmbH ...

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Request for quotation

In connection with the implementation of investment plans LUMAG Sp. z o.o. asks for the offer for 2 mills for grinding a rubber premix . RFQ attached: RFQ for mill

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New pads in BRECK offer

We are pleased to inform you that the BRECK pad’s offer was extended by 4 items. More details are under the below link: new Breck references part 14 We recommend to use BRECK brake pads also for the above applications. Soon you will be informed about the further newly introduced items.

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