Product upgrade

Lumag is opening the spring season with lots of new energy. As soon as in May, Lumag will launch new products featuring the Green Coat system made on the new manufacturing line. As a result, our brake pads will offer much higher braking efficiency right after installation.
Very often a new set of brake pads does not ensure full braking efficiency immediately after installation – for standard pads this becomes possible only after covering 200-300 kilometres. This means that the driver will have to slow their vehicle down a dozen or so times with an ineffective braking system. This phenomenon – referred to as “green fade” by experts – is described as a drop in braking force caused by excessively violent pressing down on the brake pedal when brake pads are new.
The right response to this undesirable phenomenon is the Green Coat – a thin layer made of silicates, among other components – applied on the outer friction surface of a pad, which shortens the period of breaking-in the friction material interacting with the disc. After a dozen or so braking cycles, the layer wears off and brake pads achieve full performance.

Automechanika Dubai 2018

Automechanika Dubai Fair which took place from 1st to 3rd May made a history. This event met a great interest among visitors, especially from the Middle East and Africa markets. Lumag hosted on its stand respresentatives from almost twenty countries. In many of them Lumag and Breck have been present for many years or have taken the first steps. Company’s strategy aims to have distributors on promising, new markets where our brans are not currently present.

Automechanika Dubai 2018

The key is technological neutrality

The automotive industry is facing one of the greatest challenges of the last decades. One the one hand, European regulators are pushing to lower CO2 emissions of cars with internal combustion engines as much as possible, while on the other hand, the dynamic development of electromobility forces manufacturers of cars and automotive parts to invest in a completely new market segment. MEPs and representatives of Polish automotive parts manufactureres discussed this issue in Brussels during a meeting hosted by SDCM (Association of Distributors and Manufacturers of Automotive Parts). A representative of Lumag also attended the meeting and presented the position of SDCM. In his address he stressed the need of jointly combating air pollution in cities by lowering CO2 emissions, but not at the expense of innovation in other areas of the automotive market, which also influence emissions, like electromobility.


Automechanika Dubai 2018

“Automechanika Middle East” is the leading event for the rapidly developing automotive aftermarket in the wider Middle East and Africa region.
LUMAG enterprise will show its offer of brake linings and pads during this essential exhibition for the eight time.
We invite all the customers to visit our stand no H3-G32 during Automechanika Dubai 1st – 3rd May.

Automechanika Dubai

LUMAG participated in trade show in Budapest

Last weekend LUMAG presented its offer at trade show INTERCARS Expo 2018 in Budapest. Lumag and Breck brands are distributed by network of Inter Cars on many European markets, including Hungary. Focus of vistiors interest on Saturday were brake pads with bedding layer (green coat) which Lumag has introduced to its offer in a wide range from mid-April and High Safety line available in Breck brand.

LUMAG has strengthened its market position in Turkey

As every year, LUMAG made its presence strongly known at the Automechanika Istanbul 2018 which took place during 5-8 April 2018. This event is the first address for every exhibitor who is constantly developing its business not only in Turkey, but in whole region of Asia Minor. It is a place of diffusing both European and Asian business. This year, Automechanika Istanbul closed with record numbers: 1256 exhibitors that had gathered over 60,000 professionals.
This time, LUMAG was a special guest for its strategic distributor – EGE FREN company from Izmir specializing in brake systems for commercial vehicles. For the special invitation of both business partners, stand was visited by several hundred people, workshops and truck fleets owners. They had a premiere opportunity to get familiar with newly offered LUMAG brake pads with GREEN COAT layer which got great attention among visitors.


New challenges for the automotive sector

XII Automotive Industry and Market Congress took place on 8th and 9th November in the Sound garden Hotel in Warsaw. Lumag is a leading automotive parts manufacturer and for many years member of SDCM and was also present at the event.

Besides SDCM many other entities (PAiH, PARP, NCBiR, ITS, STM, SIMR, Moveo, Koalicja Bezpieczni w Pracy, SKFS, Politechnika Warszawska, WAT) participated actively in the congress as hosts of their own thematic panels. The event was co-prepared by automotive industry international associations FIGIEFA, CLEPA and APRA, who campaign every day in Brussells for regulations beneficial for the independent automotive market.

This year’s congress will go down to history as an event presenting the power of companies operating on the spare parts and vehicle repair market. Electronic survey among the congress participants showed that the good economic situation is lasting. Incomings, investments and also salaries are increasing. In two days over 800 people attended deliberations in 14 thematic panels. Market data were presented, opportunities and threats for the industry discussed and forecasts for the future exposed, e.g. development of telematics systems, fight for the presence of the OBD-connection in vehicles or challenges of the electromobility and Industry 4.0.

New pads in BRECK offer

We are pleased to inform you that the BRECK pad’s offer was extended by 3 items.

More details are under the below link: new Breck references part 16

We recommend to use BRECK brake pads also for the above applications.
Soon you will be informed about the further newly introduced items.

New pads in BRECK offer

We are pleased to inform you that the BRECK pad’s offer was extended by 6 items.

More details are under the below link: new Breck references part 15

We recommend to use BRECK brake pads also for the above applications.
Soon you will be informed about the further newly introduced items.